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Osakwe Edisemi Odishika
Study in Dublin Business School MBA course Ikeja

I first learnt of UKEAS while studying GMAT in preparation for my MBA. Ukeas Opebi branch was my centre for the gmat exam. After the exam, a friend who wrote the same exam told me UKEAS wasn’t just an exam centre but ukeas aids and facilitates admissions of aspiring student to get into their desired institutions as long as they meet the requirements. 

After enquires we met with Mrs Lovelyn Nnasor, who was the nicest and most tolerant person we met. She educated on different institutions ukeas had affiliations with, the requirements we needed to get into those schools and scholarships we may be entitled to if we met certain requirements.

This happened at a less favourable time to school out of Nigeria as the economy went into recession and foreign exchange wasn’t easily accessible.

She took my admissions process very personal like she was looking for it for herself. Matching my budget to a reputable school wasn’t so easy, as the rise in the dollar against the naira automatically reduced my financial budget into any school.

Mrs Lovelyn took my fears and worries away, she worked tirelessly, searching and applying to different institutions till we found Dublin Business School which wasn’t just a reputable school but the fees could fit into my new downsized budget.

I will recommend Ukeas and Mrs Lovelyn to anyone looking for a hassle free admissions process to any reputable school outside Nigeria.

With 28 years of professional experience,
UKEAS provides whole range of counselling service for your dream blueprint.
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