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Olanrewaju Hammed Gbolahan
Study in Imperial College London MSc Communication & Signal Processing course Ikeja

It was a great relief to discover that an organisation like UKEAS exists, helping prospective students actualise their dream of getting a university education in the UK. Thus, making the process simple and encouraging.

Firstly, through UKEAS I was able to review the various options available to me with regards to choice of school and course for my Master's degree. This helped me to understand the requirements for each school and my course of choice.

Also, UKEAS helped me to review my application for admission to ensure that all the necessary requirements were met. This was of great importance to me because I had the opportunity of having my application reviewed by a professional person before final submission to the school. When I eventually got a conditional admission, I was able to meet the conditions through the help of the staff I meet at UKEAS.

In all, UKEAS has been of tremendous help to me and I know I can still count on them even as I start my study in the UK. I will gladly recommend this organisation to any prospective student as a sure way to get your dream of studying in the UK actualized.

Thank you

With 28 years of professional experience,
UKEAS provides whole range of counselling service for your dream blueprint.
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