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Tips on writing your Statement of Purpose + Free Template


Imagine a busy day at the applications office of your chosen University. Hundreds and hundreds of applications dropping into their database, hundreds of more inquiries dropping into their mailbox. What you don’t know is every single person is after exactly what you want- A shot at becoming a student at their prestigious university.  


So how do you stand out in the midst of thousands of applicants that are equally as qualified as you are? You stand out with your Statement of purpose.  


What is a statement of purpose? A Statement of purpose also referred to as a personal statement, explains to the admissions committee why you should be accepted into their program. A clear SOP will help you stand out from the crowd and determine whether or not you are accepted to a program.


Here are a few tips to help your statement of Purpose stand out amidst the rest.


1. Start with an honest checklist

Write down why you have chosen this course of study, why you have chosen this university, what your goals are and how studying this course would help you achieve them. You should also pay attention to the course description on their website and use it to influence your writing.


2. Move to your Academic qualifications 

What academic qualifications or background do you have that qualifies you to get a seat in their department? You can also mention a project that you worked on or a class that helped you learn so much more about the course you’re interested in.

Instead of saying, "I am a dedicated student," state a real-life example of something you did that proves you are.


3. Highlight your Skills & Work experiences

This isn’t limited to just your paid jobs but also internships and volunteering roles you’ve taken up, skills you have learned. You shouldn’t only speak about how studying this course would help you personally, speak more about the impact you can make in your community, in the global space, and also how you have a lot to offer to fellow members of your department if given a chance.


4.Give a professional to edit or proofread.

This could be a friend, parent, or colleague with writing experience. Although we would recommend that you allow your UKEAS Counsellor to read your SOP, as they have done this for many years and know what the admissions team would be hoping to find in your application.


Whatever you do, never submit your Statement of purpose without allowing a professional to proofread your work. This helps to ensure that your SOP is free of structural, grammatical, and typographical errors.


Finally, make sure that your application is tailored to each school to which you apply. Parts of your statement can be reused but ensure that each school receives a statement tailored to their course and faculty.


Don't worry if you have questions about writing your statement of purpose, you're not alone!

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