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Which Country In The World Should I Study In?

This is great news!

You’ve finally decided to take the next step towards your study abroad journey. Which brings us to the next decision you have to make- Where to Study? 

At UKEAS, we offer over 6 study abroad destinations to students- United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Dubai, etc. 

All of these countries are incredible places to study & live as they all have their unique variances. However, it can be quite daunting to decide on which country to actually choose as your study abroad destination. 

Here are a few factors to consider in helping you decide best on where in the world you should study: 

  • Goals & Personal Interest  

Your goal for studying abroad should be a major determinant in helping you decide on what country would work best for you. Do you want to study abroad to experience a different culture, for personal development or for a major career requirement?  

And what about your personal interests, which might vary from choosing a city you’ve always wanted to live in as a kid, to having a family member that lives in that country. Whatever your interest, it should be put into consideration when deciding. 

  • Your Programme of Choice 

Some countries are well known for their level of knowledge, technology, and specialisation in certain courses. They even have veterans and popular alumnus to prove it. And so, researching for the best course to study in various countries can take you a long way in deciding what country would be best for you. 

  • Application & Entry Requirements 

Once again, these requirements differ from country to country, some courses demand that you write certain professional examinations or English proficiency exams as a basic requirement to apply to their universities. Some accept WAEC or NECO, some ask for both. It is then very important to find out what documents each course requires for application and visa processes.  

  • Tuition fee, Discount & Scholarship Opportunities 

You’ll definitely want to consider how much you have budgeted for your tuition when choosing a country to study in. Some countries are well known for their high-priced tuition, especially their Ivy league schools. Some offer discounts while some other countries are known for offering multiple scholarship schemes to their international community.  

  • Cost of Living 

Asides from the tuition fees, how high or low is the cost of living in this country? Are you going to be able to afford all your expenses, or you’ll take up a part-time job to assist? Would you rather study at a University in the countryside or you would prefer to study and live in a city. Whichever you prefer would determine your country of choice.  

Checkout expenses to consider for studying abroad here. 

  • Career Growth  

Does your choice of country provide maximum opportunities to international students? Are there internship, volunteering or work opportunities? Would a degree from their university increase your relevance in the career world? What about industry links? Do they offer post study visa for those who want the option of staying back to build their work experience?  

By finding out the answers to these questions, you’ll be on your on your way to making a solid decision.  

  • Available Social Amenities 

As an international student, does your country of choice provide access to basic social amenities such as healthcare, accommodation, transportation, security, etc. to their international community? Are there student discounts on food, clothing, and recreational activities? These are also factors to consider as you would be living in this country for nothing less than a year.  

By putting all these factors into consideration, you’ll be one step closer to deciding your study abroad destination. 

The UKEAS team can’t wait to get started on your application process. Do well to reach out and enjoy our free services from today.   

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